At the BBRC, we believe our people are our primary asset. Our team is made up of dedicated professionals with diverse skill-sets and shared beliefs. We are committed to sharing and developing the rich and effective indigenous and traditional medicine and treatment systems of Manipur as well as supporting the sustainable development of this special region. We are registered as an association under the Charities Act of Manipur, through which we try to help as many people as we can.


The BBRC was founded Dr Ringo Paonam and Dr Kumarjit Singh. Both are from Manipur — Ringo Paonam, a third-generation practitioner of traditional Manipuri osteopathic techniques and martial arts, Kumarjit Singh, a third-generation Ayurvedic and Maibarol physician, specialising in the development of plant-based medicines.

Ringo has spent the last eight years treating over 3000 people from all over the world at the Bone and Body Clinic. He uses the traditional Manipuri techniques of musculoskeletal realignment and martial arts stretching forms that he has been studying, developing and adapting since he was a boy. In collaboration with Kumarjit Singh, they have successfully treated disorders ranging from cancer, paralysis, multiple sclerosis and scoliosis, and other complex conditions for which western medicine has little to offer.

Their combined clinical experience as well as the growing demand for treatment has proven the effectiveness of Manipuri techniques and medicines. People are coming from all over the world requesting treatment for more serious and varied conditions. Many patients want to come to Manipur, the source of the treatment systems – to learn from, study and experience the place that holds the knowledge that has transformed so many lives.

Manipur, literally ‘the city of jewels,’ is at a critical transition point. It is emerging from 60 years of AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) rule during which time there was little opportunity for development and little interaction with the rest of the world. Now that many of the restrictions have lifted, Manipur is poised for re-discovery and development.

Historically, underdeveloped countries have sought to emulate the west in the hopes of prosperity and higher living standards. However, this type of development often comes at the loss of traditional practices, knowledge and indigenous resources.

The BBRC’s mission during this time is two-fold. One, we are committed to preserving the Manipuri arts, to sharing their considerable benefits, and to teaching them to the next generation. Secondly, we believe they hold the key to the sustainable development of Manipur and its people. By using and adapting western scientific methods and practices, we believe the people of Manipur can develop, prove and utilise their indigenous knowledge, techniques and bioresources in ways that will benefit themselves and the rest of the world.


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Hailing from a long line of vaidyas*, Kumarjit has over 30 years experience practising ayurveda and maibarol. He studied at the Research Institute of Indian Medicine in Barot, Himachal Pradesh, and in 1977 graduated from Manipur Ayurved Tirtha and Maibarol Mahavidyalaya with a diploma in Ayurved Tirtha and a degree in traditional medicine (D.A.T.M).
Founder of the Manipur Ayurvedic Sammelan and the Shihan Hiho Martial Arts Academy, he is President of Manipur Ayurvedic Mahavidyalaya, Manipur Ayurved Tirtha and Maibarol Mahavidyalaya, as well as a member of Ayurved Vikas Yojna (U.P.), India.
*A practitioner of ayurveda is known in India as 'vaidya'; practitioners of maibarol (the indigenous Manipuri version of traditional healthcare) are known as 'maiba' (male) or 'maibi' (female).

President and Grand Master

An osteopath and martial arts master, Ringo’s professional skills and experience encompass both indigenous, holistic healthcare systems and modern physical therapy techniques.
Ringo has developed a unique system of osteopathy that focuses on the realignment of individual joints in the spine and body through physical manipulation and subsequent exercise regimes. These techniques combine bone, tendon and muscle work to return the body to its natural alignment and increase strength and stability.
He has a special interest in sports science and the development of traditional therapeutic programmes and rehabilitation procedures for professional sports people.
A founder and board member of the Bone and Body Clinic, Ringo is responsible for BBRC’s treatment, therapy and training programmes. He divides his time between Manipur, ‘mainland’ India and Europe, where he operates seasonal clinics and consultancies.

Vice President

With a background in international events management and fundraising, Miranda worked in the business development sector for over 15 years, specialising in the Middle East and North Africa.
A natural networker, Miranda is a serial entrepreneur who has launched a number of start-up ventures. She is responsible for developing the BBRC into a multifaceted research centre, dedicated to integrative health, conservation and social justice.
Miranda holds a BSc in Geography from the University of Sheffield, England. She is a co-founder and board member of the Bone and Body Clinic. Originally from London, England, she and Ringo now divide their time between India and Europe.

Vice President and Head of Business Development

An education activist and social worker, Sunil is head of public relations at the All Manipur Recognised Private Schools Welfare Association (AMRPSWA), which represents more than 250 schools across the state.
His work there has enabled him to foster excellent contacts within local government and regional and national social welfare organisations.
Sunil graduated from Ramjas College, University of Delhi, with an honours degree in economics. He has worked in supervisory roles in New Delhi, for an industrial components supplier and a hotels and hospitality business.
As BBRC General Secretary, he is responsible for the Centre’s financial management and administration.

General Secretary

As the son of the BBRC founder and president, Vineet has been a committed naturalist and a specialist in indigenous medicinal plant resources for as long as he can remember.
He graduated with an honours degree in Botany from Hans Raj College, University of Delhi, where he received comprehensive training in the geographical distribution and taxonomy of flora, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, biotechnology and cell/seed biology, with special reference to Indian ecology, environment, commodities and forestry.
As an executive member of our management committee, Vineet is responsible for leading the development of some of the Centre's key projects including the establishment of the BBRC Botanical Garden and Herbarium.

Head of Botanical Conservation

A journalist, activist and sociologist, Seram has written and campaigned about the political and socioeconomic welfare of Manipur and its peoples.
He has conducted research and produced papers on armed conflict in Manipur and Kashmir, the impact of the Hindu tradition of Vaishnavism in Manipuri society, and marginalisation of the media in Manipur.
As well as pursuing a doctorate in sociology from the University of Delhi, he continues to work as a correspondent and contributor for regional news outlets including ISTV News Network, the North East Sun, the Imphal Free Press and E-pao.net.
As Head of Projects, Seram is responsible for managing key elements of the BBRC’s programme, including the sustainability and social justice components.

General Manager, Projects
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“The worth of a civilization can be judged by the place given to women in the society" K.S. Bhalla


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