After 8 years of conducting seasonal clinics, we now plan to go back to our roots, to Manipur, the place where the techniques that we use were developed and open a permanent health and wellness centre. This will allow us close access to the Manipuri masters, enabling us to further develop and expand our techniques in musculoskeletal realignment. We will be able to treat more serious conditions, learn techniques we have not yet begun to use, and expand our use of indigenous, plant-based medicines.


We are building the BBRC Holistic Health and Wellness Centre in Manipur to focus on research, education and innovation in integrative healthcare systems and to be close to the source of our treatment techniques and natural medicines.

Our treatment methods are primarily a synthesis of three different Manipuri arts: Manipuri osteopathic techniques which focus on the realignment of the spine and individual joints in the body to bring the whole body into balance; Manipuri martial arts which follow codified systems of combat which, when practised with care and discipline, aid the development of mental and physical fitness; and Maibarol, the Manipuri form of Ayurveda, which is a holistic healthcare system that draws upon indigenous resources and techniques and considers the client’s interaction with his or her environment when diagnosing and treating disease.

The establishment of the BBRC Holistic Health and Wellness Centre will enable us to further develop and expand our existing techniques in these disciplines and our use of indigenous plant-based medicines and remedies, increase access for our clients to more Manipuri practitioners, and add in-patient care to our treatment options. This will improve overall outcomes for our clients.

We will also train the next generation of practitioners who wish to learn the Manipuri techniques and traditional health system, so they can in turn help more people benefit from this knowledge.

The centre will be amid the rich medicinal flora of Manipur where we will grow our own medicines and organic food to further enhance treatment for our clients – the residents of Manipur as well as foreign visitors.


To establish a holistic health, wellness and fitness facility dedicated to the treatment of patients using scientifically tested traditional techniques and natural medicines.

To establish a programme for the training of new practitioners in our integrative health and fitness treatment programmes.

To preserve, develop and share traditional plant-based medicines.

To make the clinic an integral part of the local community of which we are a part – into a modern, ecologically sustainable village.


Negotiating the lease or purchase of a 6.5-acre tract of land close to Sangembam, Imphal East, which will be the site location for the Centre.
Recruiting a local team to clear and prepare the site for construction.
Continuing a state-wide media campaign to tell the Manipuri people about the BBRC and our plans, in preparation for opening the Centre in March 2019.
Conducting research and undertaking feasibility studies into the ideal requirements for the Centre and ecovillage, with respect to organic farming best practice, waste management, renewable power sources and sustainable building materials.


The BBRC is in the process of speaking to potential patrons, sponsors and partners who we hope will help us to establish and develop this facility. To view or download our Project Proposal Brochure, which includes more details about how the holistic health and wellness centre will function and the services it will offer, click on one of the links here.

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Conserving Manipur’s
Medicinal Plants
Saving the Manipuri Polo Pony
BBRC Health and Wellness Centre
Conserving Manipur’s
Medicinal Plants
Saving the Manipuri Polo Pony
BBRC Health and Wellness Centre


“The worth of a civilization can be judged by the place given to women in the society" K.S. Bhalla


The women (or Ima) of Manipur play a central role in the social, cultural and political life of local communities. In ‘Ima Tales’ we will share some of the Manipuri women’s homegrown wisdom, bringing you stories about the traditional remedies, recipes and other indigenous practices that make Manipur such a distinctive place. Click here to find out more…



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