The Bone and Body Research Centre was founded with the goal to protect and advance the art of Manipuri musculoskeletal alignment, Maiborol natural medicines and related treatment systems and Manipuri martial arts.


The BBRC was founded by Dr Ringo Paonam and Dr Kumarjit Singh. Both are from Manipur — Ringo Paonam, a third-generation practitioner of traditional Manipuri musculoskeletal alignment techniques and martial arts, Kumarjit Singh, a third-generation Ayurvedic and Maibarol physician, specialising in the development of plant-based medicines.

Ringo Paonam is one of the first practitioners who has brought the traditional Manipuri techniques to the west. He has spent the last ten years treating over 4000 people from all over the world at the Bone and Body Clinic.

His clinical experience has validated the effectiveness of the Manipuri techniques for a wide range of conditions as seen by the growing demand for treatment. Many patients want to come to Manipur, the source of the treatment systems, to learn from, study and experience the place that holds the knowledge that has transformed so many lives.

The BBRC was created to expand access to the Manipuri arts and medicines so that more people can benefit from them as well as to preserve them by training the next generation of practitioners.


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Dr Ringo Paonam is an osteopath and martial arts master. He studied at the Manipuri Ayurvedic Sammelan and the Shihan Hiho Martial Arts Academy. He comes from a highly respected lineage of warriors and bone doctors.

After a serious bike accident as a youth, his uncle fixed his knee using traditional Manipuri techniques. The experience created a deep curiosity in Ringo to uncover how the body functions, particularly the knee.
Ringo's unique system of osteopathy was born out of his his own intense study of the body, his training in Manipuri musculoskeletal alignment techniques, and his immersion in martial arts.  The confluence of his physical strength, knowledge and focus, allow him to diagnose and align people with skillful precision.

Ringo founded the Bone and Body Research Centre and Bone and Body Clinic in order to preserve and share the traditional Manipuri arts.

He divides his time between Manipur, 'mainland' India and Europe, where he operates seasonal clinics and consultancies.

Miranda Graham established the Bone and Body Clinic and Bone and Body Research Centre with her husband, Dr Ringo Paonam, in 2010 and 2013, respectively. She is originally from London, UK, where she studied environmental science. She worked for 18 years in event management and fundraising, specialising in the Middle East and Africa.

Her introduction to Ringo and his unique method of Manipuri treatment came after sustaining a head trauma in India in 2010. After six days of facial paralysis, she received emergency treatment from Ringo. Once the initial treatment was completed, she was treated for multiple spine and hip injuries. Miranda then decided to dedicate her life to help further develop this treatment system and to making it more available to others.

Now she serves as business and client services director, principal instructor of the rehabilitation-stretching systems and overall visionary for both organisations.

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Kumarjit Singh has over 30 years experience practicing Ayurveda and Maibarol. He studied at the Research Institute of Indian Medicine in Barot, Himachal Pradesh, and in 1977 graduated from Manipur Ayurved Tirtha and Maibarol Mahavidyalaya with a diplome in Ayurved Tirtha and a degree in traditional medicine (D.A.T.M).

Founder of the Manipur Ayurvedic Sammelan and the Shihan Hiho Martial Arts Academy, he is President of Manipur Ayurvedic Mahavidyalaya, Manipur Ayurved Tirtha and Maibarol Mahavidyalaya, as well as a member of Ayurved Vikas Yojna (U.P.), India.

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SUNIL DUTTA - General Secretary

An education activist and social worker, Sunil is head of public relations at the All Manipur Recognised Private Schools Welfare Association (AMRPSWA), which represents more than 250 schools across the state.

Sunil graduated from Ramjas College, University of Delhi, with an honours degree in economics. He has worked in supervisory roles in New Delhi, for an industrial components supplier and a hotels and hospitality business.

As BBRC General Secretary, he is responsible for the Centre’s financial management and administration.


Bone and Body Research Centre
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