In order to advance and preserve the traditional medical knowledge of Manipur, we will train the next generation of practitioners who wish to learn the Manipuri techniques, traditional health system and martial arts, so they can in turn help more people benefit from this knowledge.


In the past, children in Manipur and India used to be educated in gurukuls, where they lived and studied with their teacher and other students. Their education extended to all aspects of life, from outdoor activities, physical fitness, household tasks, religious teachings as well as intellectual studies. It was a holistic method of raising well-rounded, healthy, disciplined youth. We would like to re-establish this traditional model, giving the youth of Manipur the opportunity to learn more of its rich traditional knowledge including Manipuri martial arts as well as the skills needed to excel as a well-rounded person in today’s world.


Martial arts training is an integral part of Manipuri culture and an essential component to the treatment techniques developed by Dr Ringo Paonam. The strength, discipline, and knowledge of the body required to excel in Manipuri martial arts are also important for those who want to learn the musculoskeletal techniques. We will offer serious students the opportunity to begin training in these arts.


Haksel Kanglon Physical Training System is a series of exercises based on an ancient form of martial arts stretching procedures, which have been adapted by the Bone and Body Clinic to encourage and allow the tendons and muscles to find stable and correct positions in the body. It is an integral part of our skeletal realignment process.

Our training program will enable professional physiotherapists and other fitness practitioners (personal trainers, sports coaches, yoga teachers, addiction experts) from all over the world to teach others to use HK.

Treatment Technique Training – Longer-term, more in-depth study programs will also be offered for those wishing to train in our musculoskeletal realignment system, supporting treatments such as tendon realignment, blood recirculation and the digestive system treatment process.


“The worth of a civilization can be judged by the place given to women in the society" K.S. Bhalla


The women (or Ima) of Manipur play a central role in the social, cultural and political life of local communities. In ‘Ima Tales’ we will share some of the Manipuri women’s homegrown wisdom, bringing you stories about the traditional remedies, recipes and other indigenous practices that make Manipur such a distinctive place. Click here to find out more…



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