Using traditional Manipuri medical knowledge, treatment systems, and rich medicinal biodiversity in new ways that benefit people, the environment and the next generation.

















Dr Ringo Paonam is returning to Manipur to establish the Bone and Body Clinic and Training Centre, Manipur, a one-of-its-kind health centre dedicated to holistic treatment and training using traditional Manipuri techniques, medicines and martial arts.

He has been conducting seasonal ‘Bone and Body Clinics’ in India and abroad since 2010. During this period we have gained invaluable clinical experience and confirmation that the traditional medical treatment systems of Manipur, particularly the musculoskeletal adjustment techniques Dr Ringo Paonam has adapted and developed, are highly effective at treating people from all over the world for a diverse range of conditions. 



Now it is time to bring the clinic home to Manipur, to our roots, to create a truly holistic centre, where all the different treatment systems, masters, and medicines can be integrated to give the best possible treatment and care for a wider range of conditions.

Manipur, literally ‘the city of jewels,’ is at a critical transition point. It is emerging from 60 years of AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) rule during which there was little opportunity for development and little interaction with the rest of the world. Now that many of the restrictions have lifted, Manipur is poised for re-discovery and development.

Historically, underdeveloped countries have sought to emulate the west in the hopes of prosperity and higher living standards. However, this type of development often comes at the loss of traditional practices, knowledge and indigenous resources.

The BBRC’s mission during this time is two-fold. One, we are committed to preserving the Manipuri arts, to sharing their considerable benefits, and to teaching them to the next generation. Secondly, we believe they hold the key to the sustainable development of Manipur and its people. By using and adapting western scientific methods and practices, we believe the people of Manipur can develop, prove and utilise their indigenous knowledge, techniques and bioresources in ways that will benefit themselves and the rest of the world.



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