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The Bone and Body Research Centre initiates and executes projects focusing on health and wellbeing, ecological conservation, and social enterprise. All of our projects seek to benefit the people, culture, environment and biodiversity of Manipur. Typically they fall into one of three broad categories: People, Plants and Animals.
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Plants are life. And Manipur has one of the most diverse and abundant reservoirs of plant life on the planet. The BBRC is working to conserve the region’s bioresources both in their original environments as well as in our botanical garden and herbarium. We are also studying, testing and utilising these plants as part of our health and wellbeing and social enterprise programmes.
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At the BBRC, we believe that when people are healthy and happy they are a force for good. Our approach to health and wellness is based on the consolidation of modern scientific methods and traditional indigenous practices. We have already treated thousands of people from all over the world using this approach and are now building a research and treatment centre in Manipur to expand our health and wellness services.


Some of Manipur’s native animal species are in danger of extinction. Our efforts are currently focused on saving the Manipuri Polo Pony. The last census counted their numbers below 500, and the ponies which remain are often victims of road accidents or found searching for food on the city streets. Once the horses are safe and being properly cared for, we will develop programs such as pony trekking, polo training, and equine assisted therapy which will integrate them back into the socioeconomic life of Manipur.
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